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As they become more successful most technology savvy companies notice an increasing number of foreign customers requesting their offerings. They react to this International demand as best as possible. That's fine to being with, but when is it time to be PROACTIVE about developing business in these new International markets? And more importantly, How?

Traditionally companies use their own hard earned investment capital to start their International divisions. It's a risky proposition and typically inefficient. Today there are much more effective investment capital leveraged ways to expedite International growth.

Before you can do business development, channel partnerships, marketing and sales - and before you can perform on any market roll out strategies you need to address How?, and just as importantly, Who? is going to execute the strategy and pay for the investment?

Amer-EU, standing for Americas - Europe, Corporate Development Consulting has over 20 years of International Corporate development experience in Information Technology centric companies. We want to help you grow between the Americas and Europe.

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